Design and construction time

  • DONG TAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD started construction after the two sides agreed on the design.
  • During the construction process, customers have the right to check and request to execute by the drawings and use the right materials agreed in the contract (if necessary).

Time and progress of implementation

  • The total construction progress is calculated from the date of signing the contract and completing the necessary procedures for the construction of the work such as First payment, approval of material samples, handover of the site to and approval.
  • Permission is granted by construction management agencies (except public holidays and Sundays).
  • Customers must comply with the requirements, instructions, directives of the general progress of and create conditions for to perform contracts to reduce any causes that hinder or delay the examination progress.’s work.
  • The progress of the arising tasks is agreed upon in writing by the two parties at the time of arising.
  • The designs of the overall layout and perspective view are a maximum of 3 (three) options for the customer to approve, if it seems more, the additional costs incurred = 50% of the design costs.

Complete the project and accept the project.

  • Pay
  • Form of payment: Customers pay for Vietnam dong by bank transfer in Vietnam dong or cash.
  • During the design and payment process, if there is any actual arising, the customer must pay the arising value to at the next payment stage.
  • The pre-acceptance test of design items is made and signed for certification between the two parties before handing over the design dossiers.
  • During the payment process, there is an unexpected problem between the two sides, we conduct other policies: return and refund policy, …