Liability for breach of contract

  • is responsible for doing the right materials and designs agreed by the two parties in the contract.
  • Customers must be responsible for payment in accordance with the contract specified.
  • Customers are responsible for approving perspective drawings and technical drawings, in case works in accordance with the size of the drawings but cannot install the product due to objective reasons such as:


  • must ensure the quality of supplies and equipment strictly according to the category of technical conditions stated in the attached quotation.
  • must ensure the full performance of the assigned work, ensure the sustainability and accuracy of construction materials.
  • Warranty period: warranty free repair of items that construction (if there is a failure due to technical errors of for customers within 12 months.
  • Maintenance period: is responsible for maintenance of construction items (with charge) when customers request after the warranty period ends.

Complaint handling policy

  • Receive all customer complaints related to the company’s use of services.
  • All warranty cases, you can contact us for warranty procedures.
  • The time limit for settling complaints is within 03 (three) working days from the date of receipt.
    customer complaints. In force majeure circumstances, the two parties will negotiate on their own.

General Terms

  • The contract, as well as all documents and information related to the contractor contract, will be managed by the parties in accordance with current state regulations on confidentiality.
  • The two parties are responsible for implementing the contract on the principle of cooperation, voluntariness, honesty, compliance with the provisions of the relevant laws, amendments (if any) must be agreed by both and expressed in writing.
  • If either party unilaterally terminates the contract, it must pay damages to the other party and be subject to a contractual violation fine and the fine level according to the current provisions of relevant laws. If Party A unilaterally terminates the contract at any time from the signing of this contract, the amount paid to Party B will not be refunded.
  • In case of any dispute, the two sides discussed and agreed on the principle of cooperation, goodwill, and mutual benefit. In case the mediation method fails, either party may initiate a lawsuit with the competent Court to resolve the case.