You Business!

With us finding customers is important. Keeping old customers is more important. So they always take care of and support the old customers in the best way. To bring the best after-sales service and market.

Technical Support at the Factory

  • The operation of mechanical equipment for a long time will produce wear and tear and the productivity will be reduced to the inevitable.
  • So to make sure the device works at its best, we devise a workflow and customer service.
  • Contact customer service Dong Tam.
  • Get information on customer requests.
  • The technical department will give you the best solution for you.
  • We will contact for preliminary processing.
  • If the case generates a major error. We assign our team to assist directly.
  • Check out the completed support report.
  • Please contact us to receive the most preferential policy during the operation of the system.

Contact Info

Hotline: +84 28 3773 4328 – 085 366 4826 (Ms. Quan)


Address: KP1 – Nguyễn Văn Quỳ – Tân Thuận Đông Ward – District 7 – HCM