Forming Ideas and Customer Requests.

  • Understand the requirements of your business.
  • Conduct a field trip at the site.
  • Proceed, calculate basic parameters.
  • An indispensable part is visualizing the product on the technical design drawing so that customers can feel about the project and solve the problems of the business.

At Dong Tam with a team of Engineers who love their profession, have many years of experience, with many large projects in our hands, we are proud to design the best product model.

In Dong Tam we apply these:

  • New technology.
  • The most modern tools and tools in the world.
  • Optimal design for performance and quality.
  • Low cost, stable operation.
  • Must be consistent with the business.
  • And a tightly controlled design process.

Design process:

  1. Receive requests of desired customers.
  2. Conduct a field trip.
  3. Planning a drawing.
  4. Set realistic model drawings.
  5. Sample inspection and finalization of construction plans.
  6. Handing over to the construction and installation department at the factory.
  7. Check the progress of completion, the assigned work.
  8. Complete products and installations for business.

With the high professional skills and spirit of advancement in the process of working, we always require all employees to continually create creative performance well-assigned tasks. So they always produce the best products on the market, products that work stably. Help you to feel secure about the performance as well as the investment costs, from the design of drawing to construction activities.

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