Dong Tam Industrial Development Company has nearly 10 years of operation in the field of surface cleaning, exhaust treatment, cooperating heavily with production facilities and industrial parks with projects applying new technologies. , success with the project

  • Spraying room
  • Spray paint room
  • Industrial vacuum system
  • Treatment of emissions generated into the environment
  • Ensure the quality of output gas is always up to the standard

Air pollution affects

  • The health of working people
  • Directly at the location of the pollution
  • Even people living in the surrounding area are affected.

Dong Tam specializes in consulting, design and construction of the following fields:

Surface treatment:

  • Gas cylinders, painted and maintained Gas cylinders
  • Steel beams, steel structures, purlin
  • Clean casting Pavia, brushing cast sand cleanShip hull, corrugated iron creating roughened mechanical products, auto parts, motorcycles, the mold surface
  • Spray blurring on glass, support rough on Granite, Marble

Waste Gas Treatment:

  • Wood dust, metal, paint, cement
  • Boiler exhaust
  • Oil burner
  • Smoke of coal, firewood, sawdust, kiln, drying
  • Thoroughly exhaust gases polluting the environment Cox, Nox, So2, H2s

Our unit holds a team of staff, engineers, workers, experienced professionals, highly qualified in the field.

  • Designing and constructing a dust treatment system
  • Highly qualified in the field of environment
  • Along with the system of modern equipment and always updated with new technologies
  • We are committed to providing the most professional, effective, cost-effective solutions


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