The company will be trained in both theory and practice.

After the design, construction, and operation, the remaining work is a user manual, an extremely important task in the operation of the device, and can not be ignored to ensure the best quality machine operation.

This is the training process of Dong Tam.

  • Train operating skills
  • Understand the mechanism of action of the product
  • How to increase product performance when needed
  • Maintenance, maintenance for equipment
  • Equip protective equipment when operating the machine
  • Notification alerts on each device

We will support

  • All things are a team of highly skilled engineers with many years of experience we will guide the best
  • Easy to understand instructions combined with actual products
  • Will help businesses bring the best job performance safety for workers to optimize business efficiency

Quickly contact us Dong Tam Company:

  • Hotline: +84 28 3773 4328 – 085 366 4826 (Ms. Quan)
  • Email:
  • Address: KP1 – Nguyễn Văn Quỳ – Tân Thuận Đông Ward – District 7 – HCM